June 28, 2005

Church June 26

Church this past Sunday went quite smoothly. We are happy to see new faces every week coming to our church. Some stay and come again, others we only see one time. Pray that our visitors would get plugged into our church and become active participants rather than sideline spectators. This past Sunday we had over 35 people come. We were excited that one family came, a mother and 3 children and they seem to have enjoyed our church very much. The lady came as a result of our ladies night outreach and her kids are now studying English at our church too. Praise God for these new people, and we ask God for more.

June 24, 2005


Just so everyone knows, anyone can make comments now on our website. Sorry for the inconvience before. I have changed the settings that anyone can comment, not just people who have their own blog.
God bless

June 23, 2005

Ladies Night

Every Wednesday night our church turns into a spa. Many people have been telling Tawm that she knows so much about keeping care of her face. So she felt like she could use it as an outreach opportunity. Last week Wednesday her and Beverly started "Ladies Night", an way of reaching out to people in the community. Last week they had 4 women come. Yesterday they had 5 women come. They give the ladies a facial and facial massage among other things and afterwards they sit down together and they talk about different aspects of beauty, God and everyone that comes receives a tract and information about our church. I am so happy that we are reaching out to people in the community through creative ways. Please pray for this church outreach.

June 10, 2005

Saving Face

One of the most difficult things in adjusting to life in Thailand, isn't the food (the food is wonderful), or the weather (don't miss the cold). The hardest part is a concept called saving face. The concept is that a person always wants to look good and doesn't want to do anything to look bad, even if what they did was bad. So instead, a person will lie to cover the previous mistake in order to make themselves look better. Also it causes problems when people do things wrong because you can't be too direct. In North America, when people do things wrong, you can confront them and tell them what they did wrong. Here you must guard your words and almost correct in an indirect manner or risk losing face. Once a person loses face, they are extremely hurt and it is difficult to gain their confidence back. Please pray for us as we work with Thai people, instructing them on doing things right and how to deal with issues in our church and with people in Thailand in general without losing face.

June 07, 2005

Church June 5

This week we had another great Sunday. We were blessed with 8 new adult guests along with some new children too. We had over 30 people again. We thank God that many new people are coming to our church, our new prayer request is that people would come to know Christ and then become a part of our church. A lot of the guests have visited however we haven't seen them again, some because they are busy and others we aren't sure why. Please pray for more people to continue coming regularly.

June 02, 2005

New and Old Mix

one of the unique things about living in Thailand is you get to see how progress and the old ways mix. thailand is a country that is developing quickly, however there are many people that have missed the wave and are still living life in by their old traditions. middle and upper classes are using computers, cell phones, and other modern technologies, whereas poorer classes still use old methods to work. in this picture, this cow is located right in the middle of the city. surrounding this small farm is a mall, hotels, 7-11's, clinics and travel agencies. i love seeing how the old and the new mix here, some people want to progress while others want to keep things the way they were.