June 26, 2007

Saying Hi!!!

Yesterday Tawm and I went to the doctor for Tawm's monthly baby check up. As always the doctor checked all Tawm's vitals and checked the baby's health too. The highlight of the trip, as always, was the ultrasound. Last time we went, the baby was moving all around in Tawm's stomach that we couldn't see much. This time the baby was still for the most part, but as the doctor was wrapping up, he did one last check and the little guy or girl waved goodbye!! All of us laughed, even the doctor thought it was funny. I guess we are going to have a baby genius. The baby is only 19 weeks and already knows how to wave bye! The baby must be taking after his or her father.

June 21, 2007

Soldier Surrenders

Every Sunday after church and lunch, our church holds a prayer meeting and one of the things we pray for is the lost husbands of a number of the ladies who attend our church. This past week, D (pictured on the left), the husband of our church secretary Tim, made a decision to follow Christ. D is a soldier in the Thai army and doesn't live with his wife and so we don't have an opportunity to talk to him or see him often. When he is off duty, he will come to church sometimes. He was never interested in the Bible. However Tim starting talking to him more and more answering his questions. Tawm and her women's Bible study would also spend time praying for her and helping her answer his questions too. Tim and D usually communicate by phone but sometimes Tim wouldn't answer the phone when he called because she was reading her Bible. When D returned he saw her wife reading her Bible and decided to do what any normal guy would do, make a competition. He said he wanted to compete with Tim to see who could read through the New Testament first. D read the Bible everyday and Tim couldn't keep up with him and as he read, he kept telling Tim that he was realizing how big of a sinner he was and how much he needed God. We praise God that Tim had the opportunity to play a part in his salvation. Pray for D as he is on duty most weekends and cannot attend church, pray that his faith will be strengthened.

June 14, 2007

Canada, Here We Come

O Canada, our home in native land...
After a few weeks of waiting, Tawm finally got her visa to go to Canada. We will be there for most of the month of July, looking forward to seeing friends and family again.

June 01, 2007

Kobe Demands Trade

It seems every year, Kobe does more stupid things that make him even more impossible to like. I don't understand how anyone can be a fan of his but to each their own... This past week on a radio program he announced his desire to be traded but quickly reneged it (typical of Kobe). Anyways, Bill Simmons, a ESPN writer wrote about some possible trade possibilities. His #1 possibility was to trade him to Phoenix for Marion, Barbosa, Banks and the rights to a future first round draft pick. Let it be know that I hope this doesn't happen as I would have to start hating one of my favorite teams. As Bill continued his article, one of the reasons that he like the possibilities of this trade so much was this...

The most selfish player in the league (Kobe) playing with the most unselfish player in the league (Nash). What a fascinating sociological experiment. If Nash can turn Kobe into a team player, I'm voting him for our 2008 president even though he's Canadian.

Although I'm Canadian and I can't vote, that doesn't sound like such a bad idea eh? A Canadian President.

Children's Outreach

This past weekend, Tawm organized a special outreach for kids that come study English at our foundation and for kids that come to church regularly. In total, we had 20 kids attend. Another exciting part was that Tim, Jaa, Tip, Pawn, Naang, Grataay, and M (members and new Christians) all came to help Tawm and I with the event. We had a great time playing games, M and I did a skit, Tawm gave a short gospel presentation and then all the kids watched the movie, The Nativity and then the kids slept over at the church. We did it on a Saturday night so that the kids would have an opportunity to attend church on Sunday morning too. We had about 15 kids that spent the night. As the kids were leaving for home, many asked when we were going to have our next event. That is always a good sign that the event was a success. Praise God.