September 19, 2006

Another Picture from the Buddhist Statue Park

  Can you see us standing in front of the statue??

Buddhist Statues

Last month we travelled to the Northeast Region of Thailand and we went to a Buddhist park with hundreds of Buddhist statues, many of which are over a hundred feet tall. So much work has been done to create this park and even more to maintain the park. Although most Thais are nominal Buddhists, Buddhism is still very strong in this country. Please for us and the work here. 

September 15, 2006

Amazing Thailand

One of the greatest things about living in a foreign country sometimes is that you see some of the most amazing things. Today, both Tawm and I were amazed by one man we saw. We were both so amazed that both of us said that we wished we had a camera so that we could share our amazement with you. It all happened when we went to a store to buy some rice and not just any bag of rice but a huge bag of rice, so big I can't carry it by myself. As I sat waiting in the truck in front of the store, I thought to myself, I wonder if they will need one or two men to carry the bag of rice. To my amazement, only one man was carrying the rice and he wasn't even struggling. He wasn't even using his hands. He had the huge bag of rice centered on top of his head as he walked. I couldn't believe it. Then even more amazing, he opened the door of our truck's topper, leaned forward and the bag of rice fell off his head into the back of our truck. He didn't even use his hands to unload (except to open the topper). I am still amazed by that amazing feat. As I write, the bag of rice is still in the back of our truck, waiting for someone to help me carry it cause I can't do it by myself. I thought of trying what he did, but tawm laughed. I guess I need to continue working out.

September 07, 2006


Just wanted to surprise anyone that checks our website by putting a small update up. This update is my way making it known to the public that I will do my best to do a better job of updating my website. Please stay tuned for more.