September 13, 2010

A Trip to Kinetchu

Last week, Gary Woodring, pastor of our sending church, came to visit us in Thailand. We had some revival services at Antioch on the weekend and after that, we spent 2 nights in a hill tribe village. We had a good time, encouraged with the work the pastor of the church is doing. We were able to teach about salvation, baptism and the work of a church during our time there. After sharing with them what God expects all churches to do, some of the people in attendance told us that they couldn't do it because they were too poor. We then looked at a number of verses that showed that God expected this of churches no matter their race, size or financial status.
Afterwards we agreed to have some meeting every other month in which I will go to teach leaders in the area about different doctrines and things. I'm looking forward to that and hope that we have a number of pastors, missionaries and other leaders too.