January 24, 2010

My Parents are Cool

I have some awesome parents. I'm so thankful that God has blessed me with such supportive parents. I know that having their children and grandchild live half way across the world isn't always easy for them but I know that they will one day be rewarded for their sacrifice. They are a good example to me about what it means to be faithful and supportive and we are looking forward to their return visit here later this year.
Since I posted my last blog, my mom has been phoning different places that have Thai people working for them in my hometown. My hometown, the Hat, has a lot of Thai people working in greenhouses for several months and then they return to Thailand. She phones them to inform them about my online sermons and tells them to check out my blog. Who knows if anyone does, but maybe some of those people will get saved and come back to Thailand as Christians. That would be awesome! Anyways, I think my mom is pretty cool for doing that! Keep up the good work, we appreciate you guys.


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Thailand Travel Deals said...

Having supportive parents is important when living in Thailand or any far away country. I guess Im lucky having a pair of those as well.

And when they go on vacation here is really is a blast meeting them even if it can be too long in between the times.